What is Science behind Sanatana Hindu Traditions?

Science behind Sanatana Hindu Traditions

India is recognized worldwide for its heartwarming culture and traditions that most Hindu’s follows. But do you know why we follow these traditions? If your answer is ‘No’ then you will be amazed after reading the scientific reasons behind it Sanatan Hindu tradition.

‘Tilak’ or ‘Bindi’ on the forehead

On the forehead between two eyebrows, there is a point that has been considered as an important nervous point in the human body. Tilak is believed to prevent loss of energy, The red Kumkum between the eyebrows is set to retain energy in the human body and control various levels of concentration. When applying kumkum the points in the central region of the eyebrow and the ‘Ajna chakra‘ are automatically pressed. This also felicitated the blood supplies to muscles on the face. It also stimulates the pituitary glands and even Pineal gland and it helps us to become more aware, more alert, it has a positive effect on the body. Ancient people used to apply ‘Chandan’ which has a cooling effect.

Toe Rings

Wearing of Toe Rings by married women on the second finger of feet is a common practice in India. Indian women usually wear toe rings on the second toe, a specific nerve from this toe connects to the uterus and passes to the heart, therefore, a ring on this toe strengthens the uterus and keep it healthy and regulates the blood flow to it. Furthermore, a women’s menstrual cycle is set to be regularized. Most women do not have regular periods due to unhealthy and stressful lifestyles. Silver being the good conductor, it also absorbs the energy from the polar energies from the earth and passes it to the body, thus refreshing the whole body system.

Reflexology also mentions about treating gynaecological problems by massaging the second toe.

Touching Feet

In Indian culture, it’s customary to bend down and touch the feet of elders as greetings. It is said that by doing this you acquire intellect, knowledge, strength and fame. There is a scientific reason behind this analysis. The body is a storehouse of energy – negative and positive. The left side represents the negative energy and the right side represent the positive energy. When we bend down and touch the feet of our elders it indicates that we are surrendering our ego at their feet. This gives rise to Karuna or compassion within them. As we touch their feet this energy passed on to us thus also creating an instant liking between two hearts and minds. The nerves from the brain are spread out through the body and when we touch another person it forms a circuit thereby transmitting energy from one person to other. We become the receiver and the other person is the giver of the energy.   

When they accept your respect which comes from their reduced ego. Their hearts emit positive thoughts and energy that reaches you through their hands and feet. In essence, the entire circuit allows the flow of energy and increases the cosmic energy. Activating the quick connection between two minds and heart.

Worshiping Tulsi Plant

In Indian culture, tulsi is accorded the status of the mother. Tulsi is also called Holy or sacred Basil. The spiritual and medicinal properties of Tulsi are well known the world over. Tulsi is an important adaptogenic herb, which helps to reduce stress. Tulsi is a remarkable antibiotic. Its medicinal properties are renowned. It helps to cure several ailments including the common cold. Containing no caffeine and other stimulants,  tulsi helps to increase physical endurance. Taking a tulsi every day helps to maintain physiological balance in the body and increase the immunity.

Tulsi Plant

More important tulsi increases your life span.

Keeping the tulsi plant at home prevents insects and mosquitos from entering. It is said that snakes don’t come near any tulsi plant.

Bells in Temples

Traditional Indian worship always starts with the ringing of the bell. The temple bell is a beautifully crafted object made of an amalgam of several metals including zinc, copper, bronze, cadmium and many other alloys. The quantity of each metal was based on very accurate scientific calculation.

Temple Bell

People ring the temple bells when they enter. It sounds is set to clear our minds and help us stay alert, keeping our focus on devotion. Furthermore, these bells are made in such way that the sounds they produce create unity in the lift and right part of the brain, the duration of the echo of the bell is ideal to activate the seven healing centres in our body clearing us from negative energy. The sound of the bell created an instant calm increasing the powers of concentration helping you to focus on higher. A well-designed temple bell could also produce the sound ‘OM’.

Sitting on the floor to eat

Nowadays how many of us sit on the floor to eat? Not many but this ancient practice have great benefits and there is a scientific explanation for it. When we sit cross-legged on the floor to eat we are actually sitting in ‘SukhAsana’, which is a yoga posture.


This posture is set to promote relaxation. The constant movement of bending forward and straightening up made sure digestive juices are released enhancing speedy digestion. While sitting and getting up joints are made more flexible removing ailments like arthritis. So there are several benefits to eating your meals in the traditional way seated in Sukhasana.

Throwing coin in a river

Historically most coins are made of copper.  One of the properties of copper was that when it was thrown into the water, it helped the dust particles to settle to the bottom thereby making the drinking water available on the top.

Copper is a vital metal for the human body, throwing a coin into the river is a way of taking enough copper as a part of water since rivers were the only source of drinking water.

Joining both palms together to greet

In Hindu culture, people greet each other by joining their palm together called ‘Namaste’. The gesture which marks respect, reverence & love for the person we greet. In yoga, this gesture is called ‘Anjali mudra’. It is a well-known fact the tips of fingers are major energy points. The union of two hands ensures that you touch the tips of all the fingers, which are connected to pressure points in the eyes, ears and mind. A feeling of calmness and well-being immediately descends. Also in yoga, each finger is representative of certain energy, The little finger represents Tamas or Dullness, The ring finger represents Rajas or Activity, the middle finger represents Satwa or Refinement, The index finger is the Individual soul or Jeevatma and the thumb is Paramathma or The Ultimate Soul.      

Pressing them together to activate them is set to help us remember that person for a long time and no germs since we don’t make any physical contact.

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