What Happens when you try to Overpower Mother Earth?

This is the best time for mother earth to heal herself while the whole world is under lockdown for the next 21 days due to Coronavirus pandemic. This is what happens when you try to overpower mother Earth.

Kali is a very ferocious form of Goddess Parvati. In the fight with monsters, her rage reaches such a level that it doesn’t stop even after killing all the monsters. The entire world is threatened by her wrath. Even God Shiva could not control her with all his power. So he throws himself under her feet. This humble act calms her down.

This Puranas story has a deep message in it. Parvati is the embodiment of Prakriti – Mother Nature.

This legend preaches us two important lessons. First – don’t harm and anger Mother Nature, for her fury will bring the destruction of colossal proportions. Second – she cannot be overpowered and controlled. The only way to win over her is by surrendering to her.

In the name of modernization, we have done enough damage already and facing her fury now. It’s time to introspect. Let this New Year (Hindu Calendar) be the year of surrender to nature and to the beloved! Stay indoors, stay safe!

21 days of lock-down is a good time to connect with yourself. May the Mother Earth be merciful to all.

While Nature is curing herself you people can do the following things to stay productive while staying at home


Try to do at least 30 minutes of a home workout, yoga and meditation.

Cook a new recipe

Yeah, we know You are a busy guy but now you have lots of time at your hand so enter into the kitchen and try something different.


I too don’t know how to dance but dancing is the best thing to relax your mind. Turn on your favourite song and dance like nobody is watching you.

Play an Online Games with Friends

There are plenty of online games that you can play with your friends by staying in your respective homes such as Ludo, Rummy.


Everyone loves to read but we don’t get time to read all those books which we wanted to read for a long time. So this is the time to read them all.

Video calls

Staying in contact with all your loved ones is always good. Start doing video calls to all your friends, family and relatives.

Organize your Closet

Staying organized is always good, take some inspiration from Monica Geller Bing and start organizing.

Take care of your skin

Who doesn’t like to look good? Drink lots of water and try different home remedies to bring back the glow which you lost to hectic life and pollution.

Netflix and chill

Last and most important if you are lazy like me then just sit in your recliner and enjoy movies non-stop. A couple of Movies to watch in these testing times are Contagion and Pandemic.