Tattoo care: Things to do to prevent tattoo bleeding

Remove the protective wrap as soon as you reach home. Dab clean your tattoo with diluted with water using a paper towel. Leave it open and let it air for some time. Once it’s dry, apply a very thin layer of ointment. Do not re-wrap it and avoid sleeping on the tattoo to prevent it from sticking to your sheets that may cause the ink to be pulled out.

Avoid water touching your tattoo for the first 2-3 days. Clean and moisturize your tattoo in an above-mentioned way 2-3 times a day so that your tattoo doesn’t start to feel dry and trenches.

Keep your hands off. Hands accumulate the most bacteria and will deposit it into your skin. This is the most common cause of infection.

Apply waterproof cream before bathing, to protect your Tattoo from water.

Use a thin layer of medicine. Always apply a paper-thin layer. Try not to clog the pores; the skin needs oxygen to heal properly.

Before applying for medicine, clean your tattoo with any semi-wet cloth (to remove dust).

Do not use Vaseline or petroleum jelly, as it doesn’t allow oxygen to enter the pores of your skin, which is mandatory for quick healing.

A Scab will form around 4 days. At this point your tattoo is bound to itch, however, it’s very important not to pick up at the scab, the colour will get pulled out leaving a fade patch there. Let the scab fail off by itself.

Do not use multiple products on your tattoo. It may cause chemical reactions between the ointments.

Do not go into pools, lakes, soak in a tub, or any body of water for 2-3 weeks. Also, don’t expose your tattoo to direct sunlight while it’s healing.

During the healing process, do not go to the gym or do stretching exercises, this may harm your tattoo. Anti-inflammatory pain relievers may reduce pain and swell in your fresh tattoo.

If tiny bumps, rash-like symptoms or fluid seem to appear, clean tattoo immediately and leave it dry for a while. This is something caused by too much medication and smothering of the tattoo. Remember the tattoo needs to breathe. On applying ointment, check 30 minutes later and wipe out excess ointment (tattoo tend to have a fever and will melt ointment)

DO not wear any woollen & nylon clothes, loose cotton clothing is recommended.

Do not eat very starchy foods like potatoes, mangoes, high protein products, chanas, non-vegetarian or drink alcohol. This may infect or aggravates your tattoo as these increases the heat in your body that may erupt as boils.

Eat fresh fruits, vegetables and take some multi-vitamin supplements during the healing process.

A new tattoo will look flaky & gross for the first week. After the scab falls off, there will be a white scaly layer on top of the tattoo. This is the dead skin & it will peel off in a couple of days.

If you experience any of following symptoms: a lot of pain, deep redness around tattoo or a rash develops (bumps on or around the tattoo as with allergic reaction) call your tattoo artist for suggestions of product alternatives.