improve immune system

Foods to improve your immunity

Eating certain foods can help you to improve your immune system strong. If you are looking for ways to prevent illness like flu and other viral and bacterial infections then focus on what you eat. Plan your meal with including following powerful foods to boost your immunity to fight infections.

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History of Somnath Temple

The History of Somnath temple

For several centuries foreign invaders attacked this shrine to destroy our self-identity and our culture. But faith is not made up of wood and stone, it cannot be wiped out by just destroying some structures. Our faith prevailed that after every invasion temple was rebuilt.

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rat temple in india

The temple of Rats in India: Karni Mata Temple

At first glance this temple in north indian state of Rajasthan looks like any other. Pilgrims come here to pray saint and goddess ‘Karni Mata’ but this temple also houses other deities, ‘Rats’. They run rampant in courtyard, spill out of doors, tumble downstairs, and scurry around corners. There is not one, not two but over 15000 rats, welcome to the Rat temple of India.

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bike temple in India, om banna temple, bullet baba

Bullet Baba Temple: Indian Bike temple where a Royal Enfield is worshipped

In India anything and everything becomes the god. In India there is temple where not god and goddess which are worship but a motorbike. Indians actually worship around 33 types of God and goddesses. In addition there are temples of living people as well such as Narendra Modi, Amitabh Bacchhan, Sachin Tendulkar, Sonia Gandhi, Rajanikant and Khushboo. But apart from these there is also a bike temple in India. It is also known as Om Banna Temple and a Royal Enfield bike is worshiped here.

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conman who sold tajmahal twice

The Man who sold Tajmahal thrice.

This genius is none other than India’s biggest conman Mr Mithilesh Kumar Shrivastava famously known as Mr Natwarlal.
Would you believe in the skim that offers you the purchase of The Taj Mahal, although it may seem hard to believe today only a few decades ago there was a man who with ignitions mind and cunning forms sold inconceivable dreams in the form of Taj Mahal and really tricked people in believing in it, Not once not twice but thrice to foreigners? He not only sold the Taj Mahal, but he also sold Red fort twice, Rashtrapati Bhavan once and even the Indian Parliament along with its seating members

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