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History of Somnath Temple

The History of Somnath temple

For several centuries foreign invaders attacked this shrine to destroy our self-identity and our culture. But faith is not made up of wood and stone, it cannot be wiped out by just destroying some structures. Our faith prevailed that after every invasion temple was rebuilt.

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rat temple in india

The temple of Rats in India: Karni Mata Temple

At first glance this temple in north indian state of Rajasthan looks like any other. Pilgrims come here to pray saint and goddess ‘Karni Mata’ but this temple also houses other deities, ‘Rats’. They run rampant in courtyard, spill out of doors, tumble downstairs, and scurry around corners. There is not one, not two but over 15000 rats, welcome to the Rat temple of India.

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