BYJU’S : Indian team’s new jersey sponsor

If news reports to be believed then the Indian cricket team will soon get a new sponsor for Jersey. Current Indian team jersey sponsor is OPPO (Chinese mobile phone brand).

In March 2017, OPPO brought sponsorship by paying 1079Cr to BCCI for 5 years. Because of the change in the brand value of Indian team jersey, OPPO decided to handover the sponsorship rights to Indian based company BYJU’S. BYJU’S is a Bangalore based organization specializing in the education field. BYJU’S app and website provide learning videos and online tutorials. BYJU’S current worth is Rs 38000Cr.

According to BCCI, this deal will not affect them as BCCI will get the same amount from BYJU’S and Because of moving away from sponsorship contract before completing the tenure OPPO has to bear some extra cost which they will pay to BYJU’S.

If everything goes as planned then Indian cricket fans might see team India in New Jersey after completion West Indies tour.

Logos of OPPO and BYJU’S