Bullet Baba Temple: Indian Bike temple where a Royal Enfield is worshipped

In India, anything and everything becomes the god. In the Indian State of Rajasthan, there is a temple where not god and goddess which are worshipped but a motorbike. Indians actually worship around 33 types of God and goddesses. In addition, there are temples of living people as well such as Narendra Modi, Amitabh Bachchan, Sachin Tendulkar, Sonia Gandhi, Rajanikant and Khushboo. But apart from these, there is also a bike temple in India. It is also known as ‘Om Banna Temple‘ and a Royal Enfield bike is worshipped here.

Om Banna Temple is situated just around 50KM from Jodhpur city in the Pali district of Rajasthan. An interesting thing to note here is that anyone travelling on national highway number 65 considers this as the star attraction on the journey. Every day hundreds of people come here for prayers and wish for a safe and happy journey.

The special things about this bike temple don’t end here as people who come here offer alcohol as ‘Prasad’ to the deity. The bike kept in the temple has the number 7773. And people had started praying to the bike from 1991.

bike temple in India also known as om banna temple or bullet baba temple
Late Om Singh Rathore aka Om Banna

The original story of the Bike Temple is also equally interesting, according to the legend on 2nd December 1991 Om Banna whose actual name was ‘Om Singh Rathore’ was travelling on his motorcycle from Bagdi to Chotila. During this travel he lost control of his bike and hit a tree, the accident was so dangerous that he passed away on the site of the accident and his bike fell in a nearby ditch. When the police came the next day after the accident they took the bike to the nearby police station. And this is the point some supernatural stuff started to happen as police were not able to find the bike in the police station next morning as it had disappeared in the night. They later found the bike at the site of the accident. The police were surprised by this incident but they thought this is a prank which was being on them by somebody.

Next day, they again took the bike back to the police station and removed all its petrol and kept it under lock and chain. In spite of all these the bike again disappeared and was found at the spot of the accident. The police tried the same thing many times and failed every single time. By this time public had already heard about the supernatural incidents happening at the incident spot. As a result, people started praying to the Bullet Baba on the spot of the accident. This information also spread to nearby villages and later on there was a small temple built on the same spot and people started praying to bike and bike owner. People believe that Om Banna takes care of people on the journey if they get into any trouble. Now there is a fire that is lit in the bike temple 24 hours a day.

This Bike temple got so much famous that later Royal Enfield actually published advertisements in the auto magazines of the time about Bullet Baba. The bike temple has been covered in several national and international media outlets.

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